Backup for M365 and Google Workspace

COVID-19 Pandemic brought a substantial change to the way we work. Thus, especially at a time when remote work is a reality for the vast majority of companies, having a set of secure and complete applications is an important aspect for the smooth running of the business. And, it is in this sense that the backup is extremely important.

We have at your disposal M365 from Microsoft, as well as Google Workspace, both programs that allow the development of documents and promote a more collaborative work, making internal communication more fluid and optimizing processes.

But, in addition to having this set of tools, it is essential to have backup in mind, whether for Office 365 or Google Workspace. See below how SaaS Backup can help in this regard.

Backup para M365 e Google Workspace

How SaaS Backup can help you

SaaS is the acronym for Software as a Service.

In this model, the system is not marketed as a product, but as a service. This means that no program is installed on the user’s equipment and the applications are used directly in the cloud.

With home office work, many companies have adopted this software model, in versions such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace.

The problem is that many managers believe that the backup of these applications are already included in the contracted service. This is a misconception, and it can be very costly in case of problem. In addition to harming the company’s operations a lot.

We are talking about situations like data corruption, hacker attacks, human error (such as accidental deletion of files), breakdowns in the IT infrastructure and even the total loss of valuable documents.

That is exactly why backing up corporate data, including that used in SaaS programs, is so important.

With SaaS Backup your data is encrypted in operation and at rest, with practically full support and highly secure global data centers.

Invest now in the security and protection of your company, and be sure to backup Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace.

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