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As we all know, online traffic tends to increase from year to year. And with this increase, the threats in this environment will also be growing more and more. Therefore, it is vital that any company protects itself with a good antivirus.

The function of this software is to detect and remove threats, entitled “malware” or “Ransomware’s”. With the impact of the digital age, most companies already use the internet as a resource for their day-to-day lives.

With this new way of being, it is important that the protection associated with your electronic and computer devices evolves at the same time. This is the only way to guarantee that your business is protected from any type of attack. That is why it is extremely important to use this software in the business context.

Antivírus Empresarial

Webroot the best security for your business

At Webtech we offer Webroot, a Next Generation endpoint security solution, with threat intelligence services, based on the cloud. It has advanced machine learning, which solves the problems of traditional solutions.

This protection stands out essentially because it detects any threat in real time. This is possible thanks to machine learning based on information from millions of users that it already protects, such as Cisco, RSA, Palo Alto and many more.

In addition, it combines all the information to identify the malware, even if it is constantly changing. With this solution you are guaranteeing:

  • High efficiency and performance in the prevention of malware (99.8%)
  • Minimum use of resources, virtual and physical environments
  • No conflict, joint implementation with existing protections
  • Installation and running in just 20 seconds
  • No signatures, virus definitions / updates
  • Real-time reporting
  • Visibility of infected EndPoints and automatic remediation
  • Global Site Manager (GMS) optional (multiple deployments)
  • Automated, efficient, flexible and affordable

The main feature of this type of security is multivectorial protection. This acts against threats coming from e-mail, browsers, files, URLs, ads, applications and much more.

The installation is done with a click and is fully operational in less time than necessary to make a coffee. It also offers ultra-fast analysis and online management.

Now that you know all the advantages of webroot antivirus and the importance of this protection, get in touch and protect your company against any type of threat!

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