Do you know how important domains are? This small (big) detail can guarantee the presence of your company or project on the internet in an easy, fast and safe way.

The domain is a unique name that serves to access a website, for example This becomes the point of reference for customers, partners or suppliers to find your website on the internet.


Domain Registration

In fact, this concept was created to facilitate access to the websites, because in fact the computer does not read the chosen word or words.

The machine assigns numbers to the characters, when typing the machine reads, for example, 444.555.6.777. Imagine what it would be like to access a website in this way? It would not be at all beneficial for brands and companies.

When choosing a custom domain, it is important to choose a name that is easy to memorize. This is to facilitate the search for your brand in the search engines.

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Why should you customize your domain?

To stand out in the market it is important to have a unique and striking URL (Uniform Resource Locator). This will serve to make it registered in people's memory. In addition, it conveys more confidence to your customers.

With his own domain, he shows concern in providing a unique place for the public to navigate efficiently and safely. This factor becomes even more important if you have an e-commerce based business.

The domain also enhances the dissemination of the business, which makes the power of association and advertising easier.

In addition, it still gains visibility in the giant world of the internet, increasing the chances of people seeing the product or service it offers. This visibility can be leveraged with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies that can have a significant impact on the promotion of the business.

Purchase your own domain and affirm the presence of your website on the internet in a personalized way!

At Webtech we can help you to register, renew or transfer any domain. In addition, we are experts in choosing good domain names! Get in touch with us and we will start thinking about the best for your company.

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