Cloud Desktop

Cloud solutions are gaining more and more space in the digital environment. And, one of the tools that deserves to be highlighted is called DaaS (Desktop as a Service). This solution allows access to a Virtual Desktop environment.

This service has become indispensable in the traditional corporate transition to a more virtual world. Companies were forced to adapt quickly without causing major disruption to their daily operations.

If your company is also making this transition, understand how the desktop cloud works.

Cloud Desktop

DaaS: What this service is and how it works

In recent years, the exponential increase in the speed of internet connections has brought profound transformations. We are essentially talking about how to acquire and use computational resources, especially with regard to cloud computing.

With the migration of operations to the virtual environment and the dramatic increase of data to be processed, companies have sought more profitable solutions. With this adaptation, local computing was insufficient, which resulted in a large adherence to virtual servers.

Remote processing stations have emerged as a necessary tool to support this new reality, in addition to being an effective and low-cost solution. In this scenario, the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) service gains strength.

In simple terms, the desktop model offers virtual applications and desktop services through a public or private cloud.

The solutions allow to make Virtual Desktops available in Microsoft or Linux environments via cloud. It can be used not only in corporate networks but in all types of terminal equipment.

Main advantages of the DaaS service

Among the main advantages of this service, we can highlight:


Facilitates operational access for new employees in the corporate environment

Less costs

You can reduce software license costs, especially for users working on multiple devices


Provides secure access to users, in addition to monitoring services by a specialized team, responsible for ensuring the security of data that passes through the virtual desktop

Management of obsolete desktops

It eliminates the worry of hardware management and makes it easier to update systems and infrastructure. In this way it ends up reducing costs with incidents

For all these reasons, DaaS is the ideal solution for companies that are virtualizing their operations. The big goal here is to reduce costs and have resources that easily adapt to both your needs and your employees.

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