Disaster and Recovery

Companies that adopt modern operating systems, rely mostly on the use of technology and automated systems. It is in these scenarios that the Disaster and Recovery system becomes fundamental.

The technological set ends up becoming essential to the point that any disruption in its functioning seriously jeopardizes the organization’s activities. In that sense, data recovery is vital.

The term Disaster and Recovery refers to a set of strategic actions that aim to prevent a company from losing or compromising data when an unexpected event occurs.

Disaster and Recovery

Everything you need to know

As we mentioned, companies are increasingly dependent on technology to guarantee the functioning of their operations. Even when adopting security measures, unforeseen events can happen, such as disasters or virtual attacks.

When situations of this type occur, it is necessary to implement actions that help in the fast recovery of data and services. This is because if they are lost or compromised, they negatively impact the business.

This is where disaster recovery comes in. This service refers to a set of solid and consistent actions to be planned and implemented, in a preventive way, during the occurrence of an event or after a disaster.

Here are some situations that may lead to the need for a contingency plan:

  • Thefts
  • Cyber crimes
  • Equipment failures
  • Human errors
  • Blackouts
  • Environmental impacts or natural disasters

The elaboration of such a plan involves knowing the reality and needs of the company, as well as the vulnerabilities in relation to the data.

From then on, it is possible to create and formulate actions to be taken in case of unexpected events and failures. In this way, negative impacts on the operation are avoided and a quick recovery of files and information is guaranteed.

Now you know the importance of a Disaster and Recovery plan. Be sure to adopt it in your company to ensure the functioning of the operation even in unexpected situations. To purchase this service or to better understand how it works please contact us!

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