Remote backups

What if all of your documents disappear overnight? What would be your reaction? Have you ever heard of remote backups? This is the option you will want to have in troubled times.

The advantages of this solution are numerous, and we can start by listing the data security, flexibility and automation of the processes.

This type of backup is no different from a normal backup, what distinguishes it is the location where the data is stored. In this service all files are stored on a cloud server, being completely outside the company’s IT structure.

At Webtech we offer a complete service in which we deal with the installation and all the issues related to the backup.

Backups Remotos

The importance and benefits

It is common that companies do not realize the importance of purchasing this type of backup until the moment when there is nothing to do.

Let’s imagine the following scenario: your company invests in physical backup on a NAS. However, one day there will be a flood, an earthquake or another accident, how will you solve the situation? How will you recover data that did not have a physical server?

This kind of consequences are extremely damaging to any business. For this reason, we always recommend a remote backup instead (or in a complementary way) of the traditional backup.

With this solution the data is always safe in any kind of hypothesis or disaster that will happen. The data collected is always saved and available for any changes, but is kept outside the company.



Windows workstation other than the server version, for example Windows 10 or macOS.

  • Monthly:11.00€
  • Quarterly:33.00€
  • Semiannual:(-5%) 64.20€
  • Annual:(-10%) 124.80€
Servidor Virtual

Virtual Servers

Virtualized servers in Hyper-V, VMWare, Citrix, KVM or Oracle VM Server.

  • Monthly:14.00€
  • Quarterly:42.00€
  • Semiannual:(-5%) 81.30€
  • Annual:(-10%) 157.20€

Physical Servers

Physical or bare metal machines and hardware running Linux or Windows Server.

  • Monthly:30.00€
  • Quarterly:90.00€
  • Semiannual:(-5%) 172.50€
  • Annual:(-10%) 330.00€

The benefits of this service go far beyond what you can imagine. We can list the following:

  • The implementation is very fast because there is no physical structure, which facilitates the installation considerably.
  • If your company cares about the environment, it is important to know that this service saves physical resources and significantly reduces electricity consumption
  • It can also save on costs, because it eliminates hardware, logistics and labor expenses
  • Security remains 100% guaranteed

In this model, information logistics occurs in a digital and automated way, which reduces the risk of data breach or forgetfulness. The files are kept in an external data center and are duplicated on different servers to prevent them from being deleted.

As you can see, remote backups can provide a number of benefits to your company. At Webtech we are at your disposal to help you integrate this solution into your business.

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